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Business Services

Select Corporation Statutes

Statute Description
21-301 Domestic corporations; biennial report and fee; procedure.
21-302 Domestic corporations; biennial report; contents.
21-303 Domestic corporations; occupation tax; fees; amount; stock without par value, determination of amount.
21-2003 Filing requirements.
21-2005 Fees.
21-2017 Incorporators.
21-2018 Articles of incorporation.
21-2019 Corporate existence.
21-2024 Corporation; purpose.
21-2025 Corporation; general powers.
21-2028 Corporate name.
21-2031 Registered office and registered agent.
21-2032 Change of registered office or registered agent.
21-2033 Resignation of registered agent.
21-20,121 Articles of incorporation; articles of amendment.
21-20,122 Restated articles of incorporation.
21-20,123 Articles of incorporation; amendment pursuant to reorganization.
21-20,151 Voluntary dissolution; dissolution by incorporators or initial directors.
21-20,153 Voluntary dissolution; articles of dissolution.
21-20,189 Publication and notice requirements.

Professional Corporations

Statute Description
21-2204 Articles of incorporation; certificate of registration; filing
21-2205 Professional services that may be rendered
21-2206 Corporate name
21-2207 Offices; designated in articles of incorporation; change; duties
21-2208 Shares of capital stock; issuance; transfer; conditions; violation; effect
21-2216 Regulating board; certificate of registration; contents; filing; fee; display; electronic access; Secretary of State; duty; corporate suspension or dissolution; when
21-2217 Registration certificate; term; filing; failure to file; effect; not transferable

Nebraska Benefit Corporations

Statute Description
21-402 Applicability of act; Business Corporation Act generally applicable
21-404 Incorporation; articles of incorporation; statement required
21-405 Existing business corporation; amend articles of incorporation; statement required; other entities; procedure
21-406 Benefit corporation; terminate status; procedure
21-413 Annual benefit report; contents
21-414 Annual benefit report; distribution; posting; Secretary of State; filing; fee