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DEMO Page 1

Welcome to the online demonstration of the new Online UCC Financing Statement original filing service.  This demo will explain the flow of the application and tips for navigating to complete an original financing statement or statutory lien. 
Anywhere you see an object highlighted with a blue box, move your curser to it to see a tip. 
Use the numbers at the top of the page to move to the next section of the Demo.
   ***This DEMO is best viewed in a resolution greater than 800x600.

Step One You can open the sample official IACA filing form with instructions in a new tab if it will help you with your filing. Name, Phone and Email of the person or entity filing are optional but will appear on the filed form image in sections A, B and C An entry here will appear on line #8 of the filed form image. You should check here if you are filing a Statutory Agricultural Lien.  This will require that you select an agricultural lien type (Agister’s, Feed, Thresher’s, etc.)  further into the application. Click on Begin filing now to proceed to the financing statement data entry page. This is an important field to input information to help you with your billing reconciliation.  Any entry will appear on the charge applied to your filing account for this filing.