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UCC and non-UCC lien search instructions


Debtor name: Searchers must provide 2 Organization or 2 Individual names as 2 search logics will now be utilized to produce search results. Enter only one Organization or Individual Debtor"s exact legal name in Item #1a or #2a (see below). The names in either #1a or #2a will be searched against UCC lien records using UCC Revised Article 9 Standard Search logic. Searchers must also enter one Organization or Individual Debtor"s name in #1b or #2b. The Organization name in #1b may be an abbreviated name or the same name entered in #1a (see below). The names in #1b or #2b will be searched against non-UCC liens: tax liens, statutory liens, judgments and Agricultural Production Input Liens and any other miscellaneous lien that may exist in the filing office records, using a non-standard wildcard search logic.


UCC Organization Debtor. "Organization" means an entity having legal identity separate from it"s owner. A partnership is an organization; a sole proprietorship is not an organization, even if it does business under a trade name. If Debtor is a partnership, enter exact full legal name if partnership; you need not enter names of partners as additional Debtors. If Debtor is a registered organization (e.g., corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company), it is advisable to examine Debtor"s current filed charter documents to determine Debtor"s correct name, organization type, and jurisdiction of organization.


UCC Individual Debtor. "Individual" means a natural person; this includes a sole proprietorship, whether or not operating under a trade name. Don"t use prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms.). Use suffix box only for titles of lineage (Jr., Sr., III) and not for other suffixes or titles (e.g., M.D.). Use married woman"s personal name (Mary Smith, not Mrs. John Smith). Enter individual Debtor"s family name (surname) in Last Name box, first given name in First Name box, and all additional given names in Middle Name box.

1a & 2a.

UCC Revised Article 9 Search for both organization and individual Debtors: Use Debtor"s exact legal name. Don"t use Debtor"s trade name, DBA, AKA, FKA, Division name, etc. in place of or combined with Debtor"s legal name; You may add such other names as additional Debtors if you wish (but this is neither required nor recommended.)

1b & 2b.

Non-UCC Wildcard Search for both organization and individual Debtors: You may use abbreviated version of names (XYZ Lawn in lieu of XYZ Lawn & Landscape); substitute words for punctuation or vice versa (example: "and" for "&", "&" for "and"); omit corporate endings (example: Main Street in lieu of Main Street Incorporated); abbreviations (example: mfg for manufacturing); etc.

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