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Electoral Votes


The Presidential candidate with the most electoral votes from all states is elected President.  Nebraska has 5 electoral votes.  Nebraska is not a "winner take all" state.  Electoral votes are applied in the following manner:

To see the Unofficial Electoral College Results for Nebraska, please click here.

  • The Presidential candidate with the most votes statewide receives two electoral votes.  These are referred to as "At Large" votes.

  • The Presidential candidate with the most votes in each of the three congressional districts receives an electoral vote for that district.

Using the most recent UNOFFICIAL Election night returns, the electoral votes are estimated to apply as shown below.  Please Note; the OFFICIAL election results, certified after the election will determine the final distribution of electoral votes.  Official Results of the Election will be posted after the State Canvass Board meets to certify the results, December 1, 2008.

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