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First District House Race by County

Last Update: 11/05/08 01:24 AM
County Name Votes Final* Party
Burt Jeff Fortenberry 2321 Yes Republican
Burt Max Yashirin 881 Yes Democrat
Butler Jeff Fortenberry 2955 Yes Republican
Butler Max Yashirin 686 Yes Democrat
Cass Jeff Fortenberry 8371 Yes Republican
Cass Max Yashirin 2946 Yes Democrat
Cedar Jeff Fortenberry 1165 Yes Republican
Cedar Max Yashirin 198 Yes Democrat
Colfax Jeff Fortenberry 2473 Yes Republican
Colfax Max Yashirin 598 Yes Democrat
Cuming Jeff Fortenberry 3353 Yes Republican
Cuming Max Yashirin 562 Yes Democrat
Dakota Jeff Fortenberry 3996 Yes Republican
Dakota Max Yashirin 2105 Yes Democrat
Dixon Jeff Fortenberry 2148 Yes Republican
Dixon Max Yashirin 570 Yes Democrat
Dodge Jeff Fortenberry 11228 Yes Republican
Dodge Max Yashirin 3570 Yes Democrat
Gage Jeff Fortenberry 7258 Yes Republican
Gage Max Yashirin 2437 Yes Democrat
Johnson Jeff Fortenberry 1517 Yes Republican
Johnson Max Yashirin 497 Yes Democrat
Lancaster Jeff Fortenberry 74039 Yes Republican
Lancaster Max Yashirin 44179 Yes Democrat
Madison Jeff Fortenberry 11190 Yes Republican
Madison Max Yashirin 2300 Yes Democrat
Nemaha Jeff Fortenberry 2609 Yes Republican
Nemaha Max Yashirin 650 Yes Democrat
Otoe Jeff Fortenberry 5135 Yes Republican
Otoe Max Yashirin 1637 Yes Democrat
Pawnee Jeff Fortenberry 1032 Yes Republican
Pawnee Max Yashirin 281 Yes Democrat
Richardson Jeff Fortenberry 2958 Yes Republican
Richardson Max Yashirin 790 Yes Democrat
Sarpy Jeff Fortenberry 11290 Yes Republican
Sarpy Max Yashirin 3463 Yes Democrat
Saunders Jeff Fortenberry 7290 Yes Republican
Saunders Max Yashirin 2322 Yes Democrat
Seward Jeff Fortenberry 5577 Yes Republican
Seward Max Yashirin 1607 Yes Democrat
Stanton Jeff Fortenberry 2041 Yes Republican
Stanton Max Yashirin 351 Yes Democrat
Thurston Jeff Fortenberry 1166 Yes Republican
Thurston Max Yashirin 671 Yes Democrat
Washington Jeff Fortenberry 7553 Yes Republican
Washington Max Yashirin 2147 Yes Democrat
Wayne Jeff Fortenberry 3077 Yes Republican
Wayne Max Yashirin 648 Yes Democrat

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