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First District House Race by County

Last Update: 05/12/10 12:38 AM
County Name Votes Final* Party
Burt Jeff Fortenberry 792 Yes Republican
Burt Ralph M. Bodie 57 Yes Republican
Burt David L. Hunt 113 Yes Republican
Burt ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Burt Jessica Lynn Turek 147 Yes Democrat
Burt Stanley E. Krauter 55 Yes Democrat
Burt Ivy Harper 64 Yes Democrat
Burt Sherman Yates 50 Yes Democrat
Burt ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat
Butler Jeff Fortenberry 694 Yes Republican
Butler Ralph M. Bodie 31 Yes Republican
Butler David L. Hunt 56 Yes Republican
Butler ____________________ 1 Yes Republican
Butler Jessica Lynn Turek 203 Yes Democrat
Butler Stanley E. Krauter 39 Yes Democrat
Butler Ivy Harper 41 Yes Democrat
Butler Sherman Yates 71 Yes Democrat
Butler ____________________ 1 Yes Democrat
Cass Jeff Fortenberry 1777 Yes Republican
Cass Ralph M. Bodie 123 Yes Republican
Cass David L. Hunt 223 Yes Republican
Cass ____________________ 3 Yes Republican
Cass Jessica Lynn Turek 349 Yes Democrat
Cass Stanley E. Krauter 152 Yes Democrat
Cass Ivy Harper 163 Yes Democrat
Cass Sherman Yates 79 Yes Democrat
Cass ____________________ 9 Yes Democrat
Cedar Jeff Fortenberry 301 Yes Republican
Cedar Ralph M. Bodie 19 Yes Republican
Cedar David L. Hunt 17 Yes Republican
Cedar ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Cedar Jessica Lynn Turek 29 Yes Democrat
Cedar Stanley E. Krauter 16 Yes Democrat
Cedar Ivy Harper 7 Yes Democrat
Cedar Sherman Yates 17 Yes Democrat
Cedar ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat
Colfax Jeff Fortenberry 526 Yes Republican
Colfax Ralph M. Bodie 20 Yes Republican
Colfax David L. Hunt 33 Yes Republican
Colfax ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Colfax Jessica Lynn Turek 215 Yes Democrat
Colfax Stanley E. Krauter 112 Yes Democrat
Colfax Ivy Harper 65 Yes Democrat
Colfax Sherman Yates 174 Yes Democrat
Colfax ____________________ 3 Yes Democrat
Cuming Jeff Fortenberry 1367 Yes Republican
Cuming Ralph M. Bodie 65 Yes Republican
Cuming David L. Hunt 105 Yes Republican
Cuming ____________________ 1 Yes Republican
Cuming Jessica Lynn Turek 110 Yes Democrat
Cuming Stanley E. Krauter 58 Yes Democrat
Cuming Ivy Harper 34 Yes Democrat
Cuming Sherman Yates 35 Yes Democrat
Cuming ____________________ 2 Yes Democrat
Dakota Jeff Fortenberry 982 Yes Republican
Dakota Ralph M. Bodie 50 Yes Republican
Dakota David L. Hunt 53 Yes Republican
Dakota ____________________ 1 Yes Republican
Dakota Jessica Lynn Turek 309 Yes Democrat
Dakota Stanley E. Krauter 139 Yes Democrat
Dakota Ivy Harper 145 Yes Democrat
Dakota Sherman Yates 129 Yes Democrat
Dakota ____________________ 5 Yes Democrat
Dixon Jeff Fortenberry 415 Yes Republican
Dixon Ralph M. Bodie 12 Yes Republican
Dixon David L. Hunt 50 Yes Republican
Dixon ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Dixon Jessica Lynn Turek 59 Yes Democrat
Dixon Stanley E. Krauter 32 Yes Democrat
Dixon Ivy Harper 23 Yes Democrat
Dixon Sherman Yates 26 Yes Democrat
Dixon ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat
Dodge Jeff Fortenberry 2708 Yes Republican
Dodge Ralph M. Bodie 163 Yes Republican
Dodge David L. Hunt 372 Yes Republican
Dodge ____________________ 2 Yes Republican
Dodge Jessica Lynn Turek 382 Yes Democrat
Dodge Stanley E. Krauter 166 Yes Democrat
Dodge Ivy Harper 223 Yes Democrat
Dodge Sherman Yates 148 Yes Democrat
Dodge ____________________ 6 Yes Democrat
Gage Jeff Fortenberry 2477 Yes Republican
Gage Ralph M. Bodie 272 Yes Republican
Gage David L. Hunt 254 Yes Republican
Gage ____________________ 5 Yes Republican
Gage Jessica Lynn Turek 414 Yes Democrat
Gage Stanley E. Krauter 292 Yes Democrat
Gage Ivy Harper 209 Yes Democrat
Gage Sherman Yates 189 Yes Democrat
Gage ____________________ 3 Yes Democrat
Johnson Jeff Fortenberry 589 Yes Republican
Johnson Ralph M. Bodie 116 Yes Republican
Johnson David L. Hunt 65 Yes Republican
Johnson ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Johnson Jessica Lynn Turek 84 Yes Democrat
Johnson Stanley E. Krauter 35 Yes Democrat
Johnson Ivy Harper 56 Yes Democrat
Johnson Sherman Yates 71 Yes Democrat
Johnson ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat
Lancaster Jeff Fortenberry 29554 Yes Republican
Lancaster Ralph M. Bodie 1965 Yes Republican
Lancaster David L. Hunt 3273 Yes Republican
Lancaster ____________________ 94 Yes Republican
Lancaster Jessica Lynn Turek 7255 Yes Democrat
Lancaster Stanley E. Krauter 2166 Yes Democrat
Lancaster Ivy Harper 10026 Yes Democrat
Lancaster Sherman Yates 2194 Yes Democrat
Lancaster ____________________ 226 Yes Democrat
Madison Jeff Fortenberry 3621 Yes Republican
Madison Ralph M. Bodie 248 Yes Republican
Madison David L. Hunt 328 Yes Republican
Madison ____________________ 12 Yes Republican
Madison Jessica Lynn Turek 366 Yes Democrat
Madison Stanley E. Krauter 161 Yes Democrat
Madison Ivy Harper 169 Yes Democrat
Madison Sherman Yates 154 Yes Democrat
Madison ____________________ 7 Yes Democrat
Nemaha Jeff Fortenberry 710 Yes Republican
Nemaha Ralph M. Bodie 49 Yes Republican
Nemaha David L. Hunt 61 Yes Republican
Nemaha ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Nemaha Jessica Lynn Turek 108 Yes Democrat
Nemaha Stanley E. Krauter 54 Yes Democrat
Nemaha Ivy Harper 68 Yes Democrat
Nemaha Sherman Yates 61 Yes Democrat
Nemaha ____________________ 2 Yes Democrat
Otoe Jeff Fortenberry 1165 Yes Republican
Otoe Ralph M. Bodie 65 Yes Republican
Otoe David L. Hunt 119 Yes Republican
Otoe ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Otoe Jessica Lynn Turek 144 Yes Democrat
Otoe Stanley E. Krauter 100 Yes Democrat
Otoe Ivy Harper 87 Yes Democrat
Otoe Sherman Yates 57 Yes Democrat
Otoe ____________________ 2 Yes Democrat
Pawnee Jeff Fortenberry 240 Yes Republican
Pawnee Ralph M. Bodie 136 Yes Republican
Pawnee David L. Hunt 19 Yes Republican
Pawnee ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Pawnee Jessica Lynn Turek 35 Yes Democrat
Pawnee Stanley E. Krauter 17 Yes Democrat
Pawnee Ivy Harper 19 Yes Democrat
Pawnee Sherman Yates 24 Yes Democrat
Pawnee ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat
Richardson Jeff Fortenberry 754 Yes Republican
Richardson Ralph M. Bodie 44 Yes Republican
Richardson David L. Hunt 67 Yes Republican
Richardson ____________________ 2 Yes Republican
Richardson Jessica Lynn Turek 135 Yes Democrat
Richardson Stanley E. Krauter 51 Yes Democrat
Richardson Ivy Harper 50 Yes Democrat
Richardson Sherman Yates 73 Yes Democrat
Richardson ____________________ 1 Yes Democrat
Sarpy Jeff Fortenberry 1633 Yes Republican
Sarpy Ralph M. Bodie 142 Yes Republican
Sarpy David L. Hunt 190 Yes Republican
Sarpy ____________________ 2 Yes Republican
Sarpy Jessica Lynn Turek 217 Yes Democrat
Sarpy Stanley E. Krauter 58 Yes Democrat
Sarpy Ivy Harper 69 Yes Democrat
Sarpy Sherman Yates 66 Yes Democrat
Sarpy ____________________ 5 Yes Democrat
Saunders Jeff Fortenberry 1728 Yes Republican
Saunders Ralph M. Bodie 118 Yes Republican
Saunders David L. Hunt 315 Yes Republican
Saunders ____________________ 7 Yes Republican
Saunders Jessica Lynn Turek 328 Yes Democrat
Saunders Stanley E. Krauter 136 Yes Democrat
Saunders Ivy Harper 190 Yes Democrat
Saunders Sherman Yates 142 Yes Democrat
Saunders ____________________ 10 Yes Democrat
Seward Jeff Fortenberry 1284 Yes Republican
Seward Ralph M. Bodie 97 Yes Republican
Seward David L. Hunt 198 Yes Republican
Seward ____________________ 1 Yes Republican
Seward Jessica Lynn Turek 239 Yes Democrat
Seward Stanley E. Krauter 71 Yes Democrat
Seward Ivy Harper 126 Yes Democrat
Seward Sherman Yates 82 Yes Democrat
Seward ____________________ 3 Yes Democrat
Stanton Jeff Fortenberry 488 Yes Republican
Stanton Ralph M. Bodie 30 Yes Republican
Stanton David L. Hunt 56 Yes Republican
Stanton ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Stanton Jessica Lynn Turek 43 Yes Democrat
Stanton Stanley E. Krauter 18 Yes Democrat
Stanton Ivy Harper 28 Yes Democrat
Stanton Sherman Yates 15 Yes Democrat
Stanton ____________________ 2 Yes Democrat
Thurston Jeff Fortenberry 389 Yes Republican
Thurston Ralph M. Bodie 22 Yes Republican
Thurston David L. Hunt 26 Yes Republican
Thurston ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Thurston Jessica Lynn Turek 150 Yes Democrat
Thurston Stanley E. Krauter 47 Yes Democrat
Thurston Ivy Harper 66 Yes Democrat
Thurston Sherman Yates 67 Yes Democrat
Thurston ____________________ 2 Yes Democrat
Washington Jeff Fortenberry 1543 Yes Republican
Washington Ralph M. Bodie 100 Yes Republican
Washington David L. Hunt 789 Yes Republican
Washington ____________________ 1 Yes Republican
Washington Jessica Lynn Turek 282 Yes Democrat
Washington Stanley E. Krauter 92 Yes Democrat
Washington Ivy Harper 118 Yes Democrat
Washington Sherman Yates 97 Yes Democrat
Washington ____________________ 3 Yes Democrat
Wayne Jeff Fortenberry 1108 Yes Republican
Wayne Ralph M. Bodie 73 Yes Republican
Wayne David L. Hunt 152 Yes Republican
Wayne ____________________ 0 Yes Republican
Wayne Jessica Lynn Turek 94 Yes Democrat
Wayne Stanley E. Krauter 36 Yes Democrat
Wayne Ivy Harper 44 Yes Democrat
Wayne Sherman Yates 35 Yes Democrat
Wayne ____________________ 0 Yes Democrat

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