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Director Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District

Lower Big Blue NRD District 1
Lower Big Blue NRD District 2
Lower Big Blue NRD District 3
Lower Big Blue NRD District 4
Lower Big Blue NRD District 5
Lower Big Blue NRD District 6
Lower Big Blue NRD At Large

Subdistrict One

County Orlalee M Zimmerman
TOTAL 1508
Gage 1419
Pawnee 89


Subdistrict Two

County Wilmer H. Schlake
TOTAL 1536
Gage 747
Jefferson 789


Subdistrict Three

County Richard Jiskra
Saline 1658


Subdistrict Four

County Bob Lorenz
Saline 1210


Subdistrict Five

County Michael G. Ramsey
Gage 1459


Subdistrict Six

County Kenneth P. Brockman
Gage 1680


At Large

County Norman L. Stokebrand Greg Morgan
TOTAL 6779 2651
Gage 4124 1624
Jefferson 682 191
Pawnee 55 36
Saline 1918 800