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Director Twin Platte Natural Resources District

Twin Platte NRD District 1
Twin Platte NRD District 2
Twin Platte NRD District 3
Twin Platte NRD District 4
Twin Platte NRD District 5
Twin Platte NRD At Large

Subdistrict One

County Eric S. Hansen
TOTAL 1616
Arthur 161
Keith 89
Lincoln 1268
McPherson 98


Subdistrict Two

County Joe Wahlgren
Lincoln 2581


Subdistrict Three

County Douglas L. Stack
Lincoln 1652


Subdistrict Four

County Jeff L. Baldridge
Lincoln 1824


Subdistrict Five

County James Meismer
Keith 2401


At Large

County Jim Rubenthaler
TOTAL 9590
Arthur 163
Keith 2221
Lincoln 7123
McPherson 83