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Director Central Nebraska Public Power District

Central Ne PPD Adams
Central Ne PPD Gosper
Central Ne PPD Kearney
Central NE PPD Lincoln
Central Ne PPD Phelps

Adams Subdivision 6 yr term

County O. J. McDougal, Jr. Gail R. Ortegren
Adams 3404 3052


Gosper Subdivision 6 yr term

County Doyle Lavene Raymond W. Geiger
Gosper 491 362


Kearney Subdivision 6 yr term

County Dudley Nelson
Kearney 1946


Lincoln Subdivision 6 yr term

County Robert L. Petersen Monte L. Madsen
Lincoln 4475 3398


Phelps Subdivision 6 yr term

County Roger D. Olson
Phelps 2533