Select A Race Group:

Please select an election race group above and then select a race. Only races that have results are listed. Many races in Natural Resource Districts and Public PowerDistricts were nominated withou opposition..

  Record Structure for Text Downloads

All Files are .csv (comma separated variables) that use quotes (") as text qualifiers-field borders. The field name is the top row.

Example first row:

"Row #", "County", "Name", "Party", "VoterType", "Votes", "District", "RaceJudge", "Term", "Date of Last Update".

  • Row #: Integer
  • County: Text, 70 characters
  • Name: Text, 35 characters
  • Party: Text, 15 Characters
  • VoterType: Text, 15 Characters (used only in Primary)
  • Votes: Integer
  • District: Text, 10 Characters
  • RaceJudge: Text, 35 Characters
  • Term: Integer
  • Date of Last Update: Text, 35 Characters

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