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Member of Board of Governors
Metropolitan Community College

Metro College District 1
Metro College District 2
Metro College District 3
Metro College District 4
Metro College District 5

District One

Nominated without opposition

Patrick Leahy

Bryan G. Dring


District Two

County Jim Brown Fred Conley Richard W. H. Ventry Julie C. Kalkowski
Douglas 1271 3337 415 2628


District Three

County John Corrigan Ron Erlbacher Tim Murphy Jeff Slobotski
TOTAL 3322 1459 2335 2543
Douglas 2866 1232 1949 2294
Washington 456 227 386 249


District Four

Nominated without opposition

John M. Burcaw

Diane K. Donelson


District Five

Nominated without opposition

Frank Wellenstein

Jim Nekuda