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Director Little Blue Natural Resources District

Subdistrict One

County Bill Johnson Michael M. Allen Jason A. Hupf
TOTAL 2248 1637 1835
Adams 1235 842 1387
Clay 212 152 114
Fillmore 57 41 24
Jefferson 231 221 59
Nuckolls 120 75 51
Thayer 294 250 97
Webster 99 56 103


Subdistrict Two

Nominated without opposition

Charles W. Rainforth

Subdistrict Three

Nominated without opposition

Jason J. Reiners

Subdistrict Four

No candidate filed for office.

 Subdistrict Five

Nominated without opposition

Bryan J. Skalka
Bob Kotinek

Subdistrict Six

Nominated without opposition

Jon Lichti

Subdistrict Seven

Nominated without opposition

Tim Pohlmann

Subdistrict Eight

Nominated without opposition

William R. Glenn
James Cunningham