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Important message from Secretary Gale concerning recent letter sent to 16,000 Nebraskans:

The Secretary of State’s office has sent a letter to 16,000 Nebraskans who are registered to vote but whose registrations do not include either their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security Number in our voter registration database.

The letter is simply an effort by my office to close some information gaps in our voter registration database. The reason we need the information is simple. Because our Voter Registration system is a closed web-based interactive database, we are able to cross-check our database against others including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security, Bureau of Vital Statistics – for death records, Crime Commission and the United States Post Office change of address database, as well as others.  That allows us to find out who has died, who has moved, who might be registered twice, when two slightly different names may be the same person, and other such purposes.  Having one more identifier, like a driver’s license number or the last four digits of a Social Security Number, allows us to confirm far more accurately the identity of that person.

Many of those receiving the letter likely registered to vote prior to 2003 when driver’s license numbers and social security numbers were first requested on Nebraska’s voter registration forms. Because these Nebraskans are registered to vote, we honor their civic interest and hope they will help us make our system better. We are hoping for good cooperation, but refusal does not affect anyone’s voter registration.

Anyone with questions regarding the nature of the letter or how to complete the information and send it to our office, is welcome to call the Secretary of State’s office. We want Nebraskans to know that the information they provide to our office is secure and is not shared with anyone else. It does not impact their ability to vote in anyway and their decision to comply with the form is completely voluntary. It will not impact their voter record.

- John A. Gale, Nebraska Secretary of State